Try Live Development Today

We’re building small tools to find the fastest path to live development. We hypothesize that these tools will make developers like you more productive. Your feedback validates these hypotheses.

Other companies might call you an Alpha Tester.

At Windmill, we call you a Fan. 😎


Join The Windmill Fan Club

Fans get to try our experiments. Each experiment should take:

  • 2 minutes to decide if it’s right for you (e.g., it might be for an IDE you don’t use)
  • 15–30 minutes to install and set up
  • 1–2 days of working as you normally do, and seeing how it feels
  • 10 minutes to give us feedback. (Or more! We’ll listen for as long as you talk)

Check out a few of our recent experiments.

VSCode Go Autotest

Have you ever been banging your head against the wall, trying to get that one test to pass? This VS Code extension for Go projects makes the head banging faster!

This extension adds a "pin test" hover button to automatically run a test on every save and keep the status in view.

Mish, the Live Shell

Mish is cruise control for developers. It automates the repetitive so you can focus on the important. Keep your eyes on the road/code.

Mish is a terminal app that automates your development loop. Mish watches your files, reruns commands, and displays the output. Refining the commands as your workflow changes is easy and ergonomic.