Who We're Looking For

We're hiring engineers in New York City.

We care about building an inclusive team where we all feel safe to do our best work. We care less about your past (education, work history) than the future. Interest? Curious? We'd love to chat.



Windmill should bring a user joy in their first 30 minutes. All the distributed cloud computing power in the world is wasted if we can't give developers the right feedback at the right time. Which programming communities can we help the most and the fastest?

This role could be a "Product Engineer," but at Windmill, our product is a developer tool.

What You'll Do

  • Talking to (potential) users to figure out how Windmill can fit in their workflow
  • Building user interfaces that communicate the live build and test state
  • Designing the configuration that tells Windmill how to run and shard tests
  • Figuring out what tools users need to debug problems with their builds
  • Considering how to make Windmill easy to adopt
  • Helping us build a team culture where everyone's doing their best work

What We're Not Screening For

We don't know what parts of Windmill will be exposed as a web app, or a command line interface, or an IDE/editor plugin. We don't care if you have expertise in a particular UX framework, whether it's React, Angular, Qt, or Curses. We care about your approach to UX exploration over your familiarity with any one tech stack.


Windmill needs reliable, reusable infrastructure for distributed build and test tools. And we believe separating our infrastructure from our tools lets us build each better, more nimbly, and more clearly.

You'll be focusing on making the infrastructure that makes Windmill solid and fast.

What You'll Do

  • Building distributed systems in Go with gRPC
  • Hooking up OS filesystem events to quickly import data 
  • Storing filesystem state so it's fast to read, write, and shard across machines
  • Running sandboxed processes in parallel on a cluster
  • Debugging and diagnosing performance bottlenecks with distributed tracing
  • Helping us build a team culture where everyone's doing their best work

What We're Not Screening For

We don't care if you've worked at a big distributed systems company like Google or Amazon. We don't care if you have experience in source control or build systems. We can teach you that. We care more about your enthusiasm about unpacking how filesystems and containers work, and figuring out what better primitives might look like.