Who We Are

We both saw Google change office productivity tools by building a technical foundation for cloud-based collaboration. We want to do that for developer tools. 

We’re tiny (three people, NYC-based, VC-backed), but hiring. We're based at Work-Bench near Union Square.


Dan Bentley

Ten years as a software engineer at Google: Google Code, Open Source Programs Office, internal build tools/continuous integration, Google Sheets. Two years on internal development tools at Twitter. $2.56 check from Donald Knuth.


Dan Miller

Four years at Etsy building out point-of-presence page rendering, knowledge graphs and HHVM (a virtual machine and type checker for PHP). Fifteen years of playing trumpet.


Nick Santos

Seven years as a software engineer at Google building consumer editing tools (Sheets, Forms) and Closure Compiler (a type checker for JavaScript). Four years at Medium, leading the implementation of its writing tools.